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Elegance EWI 2013 Lakeisha Hall BIO

Elegance EWI 2013- Lakeisha Hall

LaKeisha M. Hall is Philadelphia PA natives who begin competing in beauty pageant after moving to California at the wise age of 38. The California Ethnic World Pageant a subsidiary of the Ethnic World International Pageant was the first pageant that I heard and read about in California that embodied and celebrates women of all different ethnicity, age, as well as different body sizes.

In addition, The Ethnic World International Pageant incorporates that all delegates participate with volunteering which was a plus for me. Two very important causes to me are Homelessness and Heart Disease.

Three years ago I found myself with the situation of being homeless. I want to make individuals aware that homeless does not discriminate against anyone because of race, age, gender, education or financial status. However, just because someone is homeless does not mean that they are hopeless.

I would like to educate individuals on ways to overcome homelessness while yet maintaining a positive attitude and working hard towards a productive and fulfilling life.

At the age of 30, I found myself experiencing something that most individuals hope doesn’t happen until they are well in their senior years and that’s burying a parent. My mother at the age of 45 died of a major heart attack that could have been prevented.

My concerns are that female minorities are at an alarming rate of developing Heart Disease without realizing it. As, a Management Assistant employee at a hospital I’m aware of how many more women are dying from major heart attacks that could have been prevent if they were aware of the signs.

My goal is to educate and help women understand what Heart Disease is and the signs of Heart Attacks and ways to prevent both.

As, the 2013 reigning Ms. Elegance queen I will promote the EWI pageant by making various of appearance and continuing my volunteerism work and providing information about the pageant and the wonderful work that’s being accomplish.

In January 2012, I added the credentials of becoming a first time published author of the book entitled Words of Life, Poems, Scriptures and Prayers Inspire by God for life Situations.

In May 2004, I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, and will be pursing her Master’s degree in 2013. I’m active member of West Angeles Cathedral under the leadership of Bishop Charles E. Blake.

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