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Miss EWI 2013 "Destinee Arnold" BIO

Destinee Dominique Arnold ' Miss EWI 2013"

Marie Arnold-McDowell gave birth to Destinee in Pomona Valley Hospital on February 5th, 1993. Ironic enough she was her 21st birthday present which was the first sign of their unbreakable bond. Marie and Darrell McDowell raised Destinee along with her younger siblings Dynastee and Darrell Jr. in Fontana, California. As a little girl Destinee would watch her mother’s pageant tape every single day until she eventually ruined it inside of her VCR. She was devastated that she ruined her mother’s video, but she also became determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

During her childhood her family’s main focus was building Destinee’s foundation in education. So in the meantime Destinee focused on her studies, but still sat in front of the TV watching pageants.It became her dream to be the one who takes Belize a step further in the pageant industry. With her family’s support Destinee began to train with her aunt Janel Arnold. They used YouTube and various pageant tip websites to assist them in learning the skills needed in pageantry.

In her sophomore year of high school shewon her first title as Miss. San Bernardino/Anaheim 2007. Destinee’s stage presence showed that she was in the right place. After she lost at Cities of America she re-directed her energy back into school. However, after the first year of college she returned to the stage at Miss Belize California. She knew that, that would be the stepping stone to compete for the title of Miss. Belize. Destinee was crowned Miss Belize California 2012 by Gayon Augustine. The year of 2012 has been a promising one for Destinee. She finished her 2nd year at California State University, Fullerton on the Dean’s List for obtaining a 4.0 GPA despite working two demanding jobs as a Resident Advisor and Information Specialist for the Dean of Students while still fulfilling her duties as Miss Belize California. The challenges of the academic year were over, but the summer brought a new set of challenges for her. When Destineeentered Queen of the Jewel- theNext Miss Belize she was fearful that Belize would not accept her because she was raised in America. Despite the odds that were stacked against her she still competed because she was doing it for Belize and not for herself. On July 7th 2012 AnnlynApolonio crowned Destinee Arnold as Miss Belize 2012. At that moment Belize received their destiny. She was determined to bring a title home for her country. Her director Opal Enriquez carried out extensive training to prepare her for international competition.

November 17, 2012 marked the day that Destinee accomplished her goal and was crowned Miss Ethnic World International 2013. Destinee wantsto be a legend and not just a memory. With that said, through hardwork and dedication she is determined to inspire the different ethnicities of the world as well asspeaking prosperity into each person that she encounters. Her reign as Miss Ethnic World International will be used to create a newfound hope in othersby being anadvocate for education and children with special needs. Destinee has been captivated by the beauty of the world and now it is time for everyone else to take heed to it as well.

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